"I work slowly. Often I dig and process my own wild clays, a laborious but satisfying process. Works are hand-built, using techniques much slower and intimate than mass-throwing on a pottery wheel.

I believe feeling deeply connected to the objects around us often comes from a connection to the maker, and the making act itself.


Pressed, pinched, or carved.- all of my hand-built pieces hold evidence of the human hand. I hope these preserved histories allow the viewer to connect with its deeply human, handmade origin."



Carragh Knapp (previously Carragh Amos), was born in Auckland, New Zealand. Her rural childhood established a strong connection with natural materials. 

Knapp holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Hons (1st Class) from Elam School of Fine Arts. Despite intending to become a painter, Knapp focused on sculpture after being exposed to the medium.  Her thesis and ceramic-based graduate exhibition 'Handmade Aesthetics' considered the appeal of the handmade. 

In 2014 Knapp relocated to Wellington and laid a technical foundation at the Wellington Potters Association. She also held her first solo exhibition - Hand Labour (2015). 

Knapp has lived in various international cities including Singapore and Montréal. In Canada she built a body of work while sharing a ceramic studio under Atelier Creatifs. These works aimed to conjure emotions through form. Travelling throughout Japan had an especially profound influence - following this trip she adopted the reductive method of kurinuki. Returning to Singapore soon afterward (2019), Knapp also found an influential mentor - wood-firer Abraham Ling. 

Carragh Knapp's practice moves between fine art and functional craft. Her pieces are influenced by historical pottery of the wider Asian region. Current work celebrates process, labour, and action through hand-built ceramics. 

Knapp returned to continue her practice in New Zealand in 2021.


Read the recent interview with Eat&Sip:
'Carving'  Out An Interview With Carragh Amos 


2020  Cup: The Intimate Object XVI , Charlie Cummings Gallery, Gainesville FL, USA. Oct 2 -

         Oct 30.

2019-20  Small Works , Untitled Gallery, Tucson AZ, USA

2019  Open Air , Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2019  50 Squared , Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2019  Antonio Boschi & Marieda di Stefano, Casa Museo Boschi di Stefano, Milan, Italy

2019  100 Postcards, 100 Paces Studio & Gallery, Taiwan

2018  Small, fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne, Australia

2018  Spectrum, bG Gallery / Gestalt Projectspace, Santa Monica, USA

2018  Circular, bG Gallery / Gestalt Projectspace, Santa Monica, USA

2017  Small Works, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2015  Love + Intimacy, In Good Company Space, Wellington, New Zealand
2015  Tactile, In Good Company Space, Wellington, New Zealand

2015  Solo exhibition, Hand Labour, In Good Company Space, Wellington,  New Zealand 
2015  REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT, Matchbox Studios, Wellington, New Zealand
2015  Moana, Mairangi Arts Centre, Auckland, New Zealand
2014  Gift It, In Good Company Space, Wellington, New Zealand
2014  Silent Art Auction, In Good Company Space, Wellington, New Zealand
2014  Collaborative project, Aesthetics City - Design Shanghai, George Fraser Gallery, Auckland,            New Zealand
2013  Collaborative project, Design Shanghai - Shanghai Design Biennale (as part of the Curated         Collaborative Student Project), The Powerstation of Art, Shanghai, China
2013  Elam Grad Show - Handmade Aesthetics, Elam School Of Fine Arts, Auckland,

          New Zealand
2013  Cafespace B431, Projectspace B431, Auckland, New Zealand
2012  </3, Projectspace B431, Auckland, New Zealand



2021  earth., La galerie, Alliance Française de Singapour, Singapore. Group ceramics exhibition

         during Singapore Art Week 2021. Jan 21 - Jan 24. Instagram event page.


Podcasts / Video Interviews


2020  Carragh Amos | Episode 638, The Potter's Cast with Paul Blais.  June 11. Website

2020  Carragh Amos - Her Journey and her work, ​In conversation with Robert Rising                             of NYCitySlab, IG Live. Conversations with Black Lumberjack. 27/05/2020 View.


Selected Features & Published Works 

2020  'Carving' Out An Interview with Carragh Amos, Eat&Sip - The Tableware Curators.

          29/05/2020. Visit.

2020  The Quarantine Editorial - Ceramic . The Architectural Crew. April 2020. Visit.

2020 ​ 25 artistas a las que seguir la pista en Instagram Por, Noticias por el Mundo 

          02/18/2020 Visit.

2019  Carragh Amos, 51 Hours 22 Hands artist feature, Exclamation! Magazine #4 Winter.

         2019. DeluxeEd. p67-68

2019  Conquering Self, GSO Zine festival collaborative zine.

2018  Carragh Amos, Murze Magazine artist feature and interview. Read.

2018  Murze website 'CIRCULAR' gallery feature. View.

2017  Beautiful ceramics by Carragh Amos. My Paradissi., May 16, 2017. Visit.

2014  Handmade Aesthetics (2013), Elam School of Fine Arts Handbook, Cover

2013/4  Under Green Needles (2012), University of Auckland NICAI Undergraduate Prospectus,



2019  2 week 80hr aquagama firing, Ipoh, Malaysia (lead firer Abraham Ling)
2019  1 week 51hr anagama firing, Ipoh, Malaysia (lead firer Abraham Ling)

2019  2 week collaborative residency, Daly St Studios, Melbourne, Australia
2013  Design Shanghai - Shanghai Design Biennale (as part of the Curated Collaborative

        Student Project), The Powerstation of Art, Shanghai, China



2015  Air Dry Clay Introduction as part of Tactile at In Good Company Space, Wellington,

         New Zealand


2015  Love + Intimacy curated with Robbie Handcock, featuring The Date Club collective, 

         In Good Company Space, Wellington, New Zealand


2014  BFA Hons first class (interdisciplinary), Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, 

         New Zealand

potters mark

Maker's stamp and signatures on ceramic works. All woodfired and high-temp gas fired work is dated.

Potters mark 1.jpg

Triangle 2014 - 2017

Potters mark 2.jpg

CA 2018 - 2019

Potters mark 3.jpg

ca Jan - Oct 2020


Nov 2020 - current


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